Alkyd MIO Primer – Buff


Micaceous iron oxide primer – Buff 5 ltrs

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This is our micaceous iron oxide (MIO) primer in buff. It is an anti-corrosive alkyd primer that is suitable for galvanized sheds, structural steel work and most types of metal. It is an excellent solution for rust.

This primer is suitable for use with our range of oxides. If you have a shed that is rusting, the best solution is to apply a coat of MIO primer and then add an oxide top coat.

As this is an alkyd primer, please note that it is not compatible with stronger synthetic paints. Painting a synthetic coat over the alkyd primer will cause a reaction and the paint will flake off.

The cost for 5 liters is €20 + VAT. We can offer bulk discounts for larger jobs. Delivery costs €6.76 per can and we deliver to anywhere in the Republic or Northern Ireland.