Anti-Corrosive Waterborne Primer – Grey


Anti-Corrosive Waterborne Primer – Light Grey

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our anti-corrosive waterborne primer in light grey, incorporating a Zinc Molybdate a superior Rust Inhibitor, It is suitable for application as a first coat for galvanize sheds.

This primer is compatible for use with our range of oxides for painting sheds. If you have a shed that is showing signs of rust, you should consider applying a coat of primer before applying a top coat of oxide.

This is a water based product, clean utensils with warm soapy water.

19 liters of light grey primer will cost you €55.  PLEASE CALL FOR ORDERS AND DELIVERY DETAILS

Please note, we make our primer in batches of 1000 liters and there will be inconsistencies in the colour between batches.