Green Oxide Paint


Anti-corrosive green oxide paint 19 ltrs

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This is our anti-corrosive green oxide paint. It is a general purpose farm paint that is suitable for painting galvanized sheds, steel, iron and concrete walls. It will give high gloss sheen finish.

Rusty and unstable surfaces such as flaky galvanize will need to be thoroughly cleaned and primed before applying oxide. We recommend applying our anti-corrosive light grey primer as a first coat. All surfaces need to be clean before application. If you are using a sprayer for applying the paint, we recommend using white spirits as a thinning agent. If you are using a roller or brush, we recommend that you do not thin out the paint.

As a very general rule you will cover about 5 square meters of galvanized sheeting with 1 liter of paint. We recommend applying a second coat, you won’t use as much paint when applying the second coat.

For health and safety information, read the safety data sheet here.

19 litres of green oxide will cost you €70  CALL FOR ORDERS AND DELIVERY DETAILS

Please note; we make our green oxide in batches of 1000 liters at a time. We do our best to keep the colour consistent between batches however this is not always feasible and there may be discrepancies. If you are re-ordering after a time lag, it may be best to give us a call on 044 9371228 for advice.