QD Blue Machinery Enamel


Quick drying single pack blue enamel – RAL 5017 20 ltrs

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This is our blue machinery enamel (RAL 5017). It is made on a chain stopped alkyd resin which means it is suitable for machinery and other types of metal and steel. It is also suitable for milking parlour walls.

The paint is quick drying, it will be touch dry in about 30 minutes. It will give a tough, durable and long lasting coat.

If you are painting onto fresh steel or metal, we would recommend applying a first coat of primer. Our quick drying zinc phosphate primer is an ideal undercoat for use with the blue enamel.

If you are using a sprayer for application, the preferred solvent for mixing is xylene. We do however recommend to not use solvent if possible.

The price for 20 liters is €84.99 and delivery costs €7.24 per can. We can deliver to anywhere in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.