QD High Build Synthetic Floor Paint Silk Grey RAL 7044


Hard wearing single pack silk grey floor paint RAL 7044

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This is our hard wearing, single pack light grey floor paint. It is quick drying which means it is touch dry in about 30 minutes. It will however need a bit more time to cure properly and therefore we recommend leaving it for as long as possible before subjecting it to heavy traffic.

This product has excellent resistance to oils and greases making it an ideal floor paint for garages and workshops.

We generally recommend applying at least 2 coats of paint to your floor. You won’t use as much paint on the second and any subsequent coats as you will use on the first coat. As a general rule, 1 liter of paint will cover an area of about 5 square meters. This will however vary depending on the smoothness of your floor. A rough floor will soak up more paint whereas the paint will spread further on a smooth floor.

In preparation for painting your floor, you need to get it as clean as possible and clean up any oil or grease stains as best you can.

For health and safety information, you can read the safety data sheet here.

The price for 20 liters is €74.00 + VAT. Delivery costs €10.00 per can and we can deliver to anywhere in the Republic

Please note; Limited Availablity