QD Synthetic Red Floor Paint


Quick drying heavy duty red floor paint

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Our synthetic red floor paint is a hard wearing general purpose paint that will withstand heavy usage. It has excellent oil, grease and water resistance properties making it ideal for garages and workshops.

The paint is quick drying, touch dry in about 30 minutes, making it suitable for use in the colder months. It is however recommended that you leave it to cure for at least 72 hours before subjecting it to traffic.

We generally recommend applying 2 coats of paint to your floor. You won’t use as much paint on the second coat. As a general rule, you will need roughly 1 liter of paint for every 5 square meters of floor.

To prepare the floor for painting, you need to get it as clean as possible and do your best to eradicate any oil or grease stains.

For health and safety information, consult the safety data sheet here.

A 19 liter can costs €71.00 exc VAT, Hardener is 7.50 per litre  CALL FOR ORDERS AND DELIVERY DETAILS

Please note; we make our floor paint in batches of 50 cans at a time. We do our best to keep the colour between the batches the same however this is not always feasible so you need to be careful when re ordering. If you are re ordering a few weeks after your initial purchase, it’s best to give us a call before placing the order.