Red Oxide Paint


Anti-corrosive oxide paint 19 ltrs

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This is our anti-corrosive red oxide. It is a general purpose paint suitable for all surfaces including steel, galvanized iron, concrete walls etc. The finish on galvanize will be a nice gloss sheen.

Unstable surfaces such as flaky galvanize need to be thoroughly cleaned and primed before oxide is applied. We recommend applying our anti-corrosive light grey primer as a first coat. All other surfaces need to be clean before application.

You will need approximately 1 liter of paint for every 5 square meters of galvanize sheeting that you have to cover. We recommend applying a second coat, you won’t use as much paint on the second coat as on the first.

White spirits is the best thinning agent for this product if you are applying with a sprayer. If you are using a brush or roller, we recommend that you do not thin out the paint.

For health and safety information, read the safety data sheet here.

19 liters of anti-corrosive red oxide costs €60 and delivery is another €7.13 per can. Orders placed before 1pm will be dispatched on the same day. Fastway couriers handle all of our deliveries and the operate a nationwide service.

Please note; we make our red oxide in batches of 50 cans at a time. We endeavour to make the batches as close to each other as possible colour wise however sometimes it is not feasible to get an exact match from one batch to the next. We ask you to keep this in mind if you are re-ordering and hoping to match a colour. If you’re in doubt, call us on 044 9371228 for advice.