Black Oxide Paint


Black oxide paint 19 ltrs

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This is our black oxide paint which costs €70 for 19 litres. The product gives a high gloss sheen finish and is suitable for galvanized sheds, general iron/steel and concrete walls.

If you are painting a rusty or flaky shed, you may need to consider applying a primer first. We recommend applying our anti-corrosive light grey primer as a first coat. All surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned before paint is applied.

You will need approximately 1 litre of paint for every 5 square meters of galvanize sheeting that you are looking to cover. We recommend also applying a second coat, you won’t use as much paint on the second coat.

White spirits is the best thinning agent to use with this product. If you are applying with a sprayer we recommend thinning the paint a small bit but if you are using a roller or brush, we do not  recommend thinning out the paint any further.

For health and safety information, read the safety data sheet here.