Protectafence White Water Based


High quality fence & timber paint 15 ltrs

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Protectafence is a high quality Irish manufactured water based white fence paint that is suitable for most timber surfaces. Over 20 years of careful research and customer feedback has enabled us to develop a market leading product.

Protectafence is easy to apply and its 5 year durability will outlast standard creosote and most fence stains. It can be applied with a roller, brush or spayer. The product is manufactured using a special mix of algaecides and fungicides for elimination of mildew growth. 15 liters of Protectafence will be enough to paint approximately 35 – 45 meters of 3 rail stud fencing on both sides.

The most important thing to do before applying the paint is to thoroughly clean the surface. The biggest enemies are moss and algae. If your fence has a lot of green growth it is worth treating it with a suitable fungicide before washing and painting.

This is a water based white fence paint. Use hot soapy water for cleaning utensils after use. You can read more health and safety information about the product here.

15 liters of Protectafence costs €40 CALL FOR ORDERS AND DELIVERY DETAILS